4 Ideal Picks for Winter Wedding Favors

This winter many brides are exploring the opportunities presented by a winter wedding. There are the economical benefits. There are more venues available at lower prices and more affordable wedding items which can help a bride maintain her budget. There is also the fact that winter provides a dramatic and beautiful backdrop with snow clad vistas and the intricate beauty of ice and snowflakes. There is also its biggest advantage as the season during which key holidays like Christmas occur. However as winter weddings become more popular it is important to find ways to set your ceremony apart from all the rest is one of a kind winter wedding favors. Here are some suggestions of what you can use for your wedding.

One great winter wedding favor is winter themed candles. Candles are really popular at the moment and they are great favors because of the many types available. The main type of candle is the traditional type with winter motifs decorating it such as icicles and snowflakes. Then you have novelty candles that come in interesting and unique designs. A great example is the Snowflake Gel Candle. This candle is made of gel wax and has one single silver snowflake in the center. This is definitely one type of candle that would be very popular. Finally there are scented candles. These are perfect for guests who want to have something festive for their homes. Give your guests candles with holiday fragrances such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and peppermint.

Bookmarks are a wedding favor that is often overlooked but are an inexpensive and elegant gift option. A beautiful winter themed bookmark is a great item to help bibliophiles keep track of the page they are reading in a favorite book. A good idea is to pair this with a favorite book as a gift set for your guest. You might even include a book light. Another good feature about winter themed bookmarks is that they can be found in a wide variety of different styles to suit the unique design theme of your wedding.

Coffee, Tea, Cocoa mix favors are delicious gift option to give your guests. These mixes will help them have a delicious hot drink on a cold winter day. The variety that you give for your winter nuptials don’t look the ones you buy at the grocery store either. You can personalize them with a special wedding message and thank you. This adds a personal touch that makes these even more special. Another idea is to include them in sets with a personalized winter theme mug. This will definitely make them a popular selection.

It also makes sense to give useful items as guest gifts. This makes them more easily appreciated by guests and make them more interesting. Key chains are an inexpensive idea that you can use for you winter ceremony. First off, everyone needs something to hold their important keys. Also they can be found in many style to match your winter them. Another option is personalized lip balm. Everyone has to deal with the discomfort of chapped lips in the winter. So why not give them something that is not only a souvenir of your wedding but also helps moisturize their lips and prevents chapping. These are just some of the great winter wedding favors that you can give that have a useful function.

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