Largest Wholesale Distributors

Largest Wholesale Distributors

There are several wholesale distributors who deal in the distribution of groceries to grocery stores and other retail shops. These distributors get their products directly from the manufacturers of these products to resell them.

Although it’s a common business, some wholesale distribution companies are still known and regarded as one of the largest than others.

I’d discuss some companies that are one of the largest wholesale distributors with you here. They are:

C&S Wholesale Grocers: it’s one of the largest wholesale distributors because it was featured in the famous Forbes Magazine as such! This company is nonetheless privately owned.

It is known to supply to about 400 stores distributing about a hundred thousand products to the stores.

C&S Wholesale grocers is not just one of the largest wholesale distributors in the country but is currently the largest company by income that is in the groceries business!

Brenham Wholesale Grocery Co. Inc: this wholesale distributor company is based in Texas. They have a stock of about 17,000 products serving a range of restaurants, supermarkets and small shops.

Brenham’s products vary from Ice cream, candies, frozen foods, dry grocery items as well as many household products. They also have a great customer service so if you’re in Texas and in need of these kinds of products from a wholesale distributor, contact Brenham wholesale grocery.

SUPERVALU: They not only distribute products from a manufacturer, but they also manufacture their own products. They have a variety of distribution centres across the country which are furnished with the best technologies. Supervalu prides itself in giving affordable pricing to all. You can count on their distribution network which is a solid one

Synergy Brands Inc: Just like Supervalu, aside from distributing manufacturer’s products, they also manufacture their own products which range from packaged meals to spices. They distribute their products to grocery stores and other retail stores who needs them as well as other groceries and household products not manufactured by them.

SpartanNash: Is one of the largest wholesale distributors in terms of revenue but serves mainly the military commissaries in the State. They do not only distribute food products manufactured by the state (United State of America), but they also own their own retail store like Sun Mart.

International Wholesale: this wholesale distributors are located at Southfield, Michigan and are specialized in attending to the food distribution in dollar stores. This doesn’t restrict them as they also cater to convenience stores, supermarkets and retail stores. They are across the United States and serve as many stores across the country that needs them. The reason why they are quite popular is because they are known to sell quality products at a dollar rate.

These are some of the largest wholesale distributors we have. If you happen to use a wholesale distributor who is not on this list, it is not necessary to change them as long as you’re satisfied with them. Remember, these distributors also started small.