Grocery Outlet Distribution Centers

Grocery Outlet Distribution Centers

A grocery outlet oftentimes sells much more than just groceries as you’d find a little of everything in a grocery outlet.

A grocery outlet provides a little of everything for our convenience so we could go into a grocery outlet and shop for everything we’d need. What’s more? Aside from shopping in one place, grocery outlet allows us to shop at an incredibly low price! The slash in their prices would definitely be of good to saving that little money for another shopping.

The reason why grocery outlets sell at a cheaper rate is that they buy directly from the manufacturers of the products in bulk quantities.

At a grocery outlet store, you can be sure to see all the basics you may need from milk, eggs, meat and the likes but you may not see a product from a certain manufacturer frequently this is because they source their products opportunistically. That is, they do not stick to one manufacturer of a product.

Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. is a company that sells products at a discounted price. They also sell overstocked and closeout products from several brands and even private label suppliers.

Grocery outlet has a distribution centre of their own of which their products are first brought into before being moved to their respective stores for sale.

They have six distribution centres that use computerized devices to monitor and control distribution. Their distribution centres have both dry and refrigerated sections for products so you can be sure of getting a variety of products from them.

If you are on a lookout for grocery outlets distribution centres, they are located at California, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

Here are the addresses of some grocery outlets in USA:


  • Sacramento Warehouse (#90 & #97)
  • 4400 Florin Perkins Road
  • Sacramento, CA 95826
  • (916) 379-4152

Sacramento Reconditioning Warehouse (#92)

4400 Florin Perkins Road

  • Americold Warehouse (#93)
  • 2050 Lapham Drive

Modesto, CA 95354

(209) 526-7900 x210

  • Sacramento Reconditioning Warehouse (#92)

4400 Florin Perkins Road

Sacramento, CA 95826

(916) 379-4194

There are two grocery outlets distribution centre in Oregon. They are located at;

  • Clackamas Warehouse (#95)
  • 12100 S.E. Jennifer Street
  • Clackamas, OR 97015
  • (503) 655-0244
  • Clackamas Reconditioning Warehouse (#91)
  • 12100 S.E. Jennifer Street
  • Clackamas, OR 97015
  • (503) 655-0244

We also have two distribution centres in PENNSYLVANIA and are located at:

  • Americold Warehouse (#96)
  • 3800 Hempland Road
  • Mountville, PA 17554
  • (503) 655-0244
  • Amelia’s Warehouse (#98)
  • 43 Graybill Rd
  • Leola, PA 17540
  • (717) 556-8600

There is just one grocery outlet distribution centre in Washington and is located at:

  • Americold Warehouse (#94)
  • 1301 26th Avenue East
  • Tacoma, WA 98424
  • (253) 620-7252

This list is restricted as in actual fact, there are over 300 grocery outlets distribution centres in the country but this list, in particular, is for grocery outlet holding corp.

You can be sure to get your products from grocery stores although it may not be at the same price you’d get it in a grocery outlet store.