Before You Move In

Here in Houston, the market for apartments, condominiums and townhouses has been steadily growing despite the economic downturn experienced by the rest of the country in recent years. Because of the relatively affordable standard of living in the area compared to other major metropolitan conglomerations, Houston is still attracting new talent and professionals from other cities and states. Also, the economic climate and job market in the greater Houston area remain positive and upbeat, so the region is still an option for a lot of job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Along with this transient nature comes the need for housing options that are more suitable to the upwardly-mobile young professionals of today, hence the continued developments of townhouses, apartments, and high-rise condominiums in the city center and its suburbs. In order to be more cost-efficient and also to save time spent in traffic, many professionals are choosing to find flats or studio apartments close to where they work, instead of opting for the spacious suburban home that used to be the ideal just a few years ago.

If you are moving into an apartment or condo unit of your own, you should have clear goals and assessments in your mind regarding this living situation and what you would like to achieve whether it is long- or short-term. Some of these properties are for sale or rent-to-own, but majority are only for rent or lease. If you are considering a more permanent and long-term place to live, or have decided to settle down in the area, make sure you know the terms and for how long you will be paying.

Inspecting the unit itself is something that should be done with a lot of care and attention to detail. Newer high-rise condo units or apartments may have all the fixtures and furnishings intact, but other dwellings that have had previous occupants may have to be refurbished or need an upgrade already. Be on the lookout for water and gas leaks, because the tenant or landlord should be responsible for this before you move in, or should have already contacted residential or commercial plumbers to fix the issue.

The area where you will be living should offer options for entertainment, leisure, and retail so you can conveniently have access to these amenities without having to go too far. This is especially important if you do not currently drive or own a car. Being able to walk to the grocery store, retail centers, banks, theaters, parks, and other amenities is an advantage because of the savings on fuel and travel time.

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