Buying Groceries at the 99 Cents Only Stores

Nowadays, those familiar dollar stores seem to be in every strip mall. It used to be that these inexpensive variety stores were called five and dimes that sold low priced items, everything from cheap toys to no-name household cleansers, and cheap tools to penny-a-piece candies. Of course, with inflection over the years, the cost of these cheap items became more expensive and the five and dimes renamed themselves dollar stores to reflect the prices they have to charge for their goods.

Of course, even when the stores were called five and dimes, you can’t buy everything in the store for a nickel or ten cents. It’s also true with the modern dollar stores where you could buy such things as toys, pet supplies, car care products, cleaning supplies, gardening tools, sweets, party goods and food items that come in cans, for a dollar.

Most dollar store products are priced lower than regular store prices but it is best to know your products and prices before shopping in these stores so that you don’t over pay.

Dollar stores get their stocks from different sources. Some products are generic or private label made specifically for the stores parent company. Other products are purchased from regular retail store as overstocks or liquidation sales. You may find items that have been made for a one-time promotion or special event and are now out of date, or discontinued due to slow sales. As such, you never really know what you will find on the shelves at a dollar store at any time. And most often than not, you can buy these merchandises at pennies to the dollar.

Imagine the money you can save if can do your food shopping in a dollar store? Well, now you can, thanks to a chain of unique deep-discount retail stores called 99¢ Only Stores. The chain’s first store opened in 1982 and now operates over 273 stores in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

The chain’s line of products cover a wide assortment of name-brand closeout and commonly available consumable including food and beverages such as produce, deli, and other basic grocery items, plus health and beauty products, and household supplies.

A recent sampling of ads include cantaloupe for 99 cents a piece, and a pound of plums for 99 cents, dozen eggs (no size indicated) for 99 cents, 32 ounces of milk for 99 cents and five pounds of potatoes for 99 cents, and a large watermelon, its only 99 cents each, not per pound. There are even cheap wines starting from 99 cents a bottle.

Until recently, stores like 99¢ Only Stores were usually found in low income areas and targeted low income people who do not mind buying no-name brand products to save money. These old discount stores were usually not so clean, cramped, and sold questionable merchandise.

But with the ever rising cost of food costs and gasoline, these stores are sought out more and more by people with tighter and tighter budgets looking to stretch their dollar and get the best value for their money. And more and more updated discount stores are popping up to meet the increased demand.

The 99¢ Only Stores boast of being the oldest “single-price retail chain” in the US. Its stores are clean and pleasantly setup, shelves are full and well-stocked, the aisles are wide and the staffs are friendly and provide full service. The company’s stated mission “… is to provide an exciting primary shopping destination for price-sensitive consumers and a fun treasure-hunt shopping experience for other value conscious consumers.”

The company also offer more help with a 99¢ Only Stores cookbook that offers up gourmet recipes at affordable prices. If you live in one of these four states with 99¢ Only Stores and are trying to cut your food expense, it might be worth driving the extra mile and gas to do your grocery shopping at a 99¢ Only Stores.

Get even more for your money by buying groceries with manufacturer coupons. Some 99¢ Only Stores do accept grocery coupons. Check with the manger of the store in your area.

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