Coupon Clubs are Changing the Way Americans Feel About Coupons

Grocery coupons offer hope to combat soaring supermarket prices. 2008 brought stress and anxiety over grocery shopping. Yet 2009 promises relief through the use of grocery coupons. Manufacturers are issuing more and more coupons as their markets tighten and consumers are seeking alternate brands and solutions to rising grocery bills. The rise of the coupon club offers ways to save both time and money for the consumer.

Knowing how to use coupons and get the best savings on everyday food items is a service most consumers want. Coupon clubs have started providing quality information and instructions on how to use coupons, read sales flyers, and combine sales and coupons to save serious dollars. Clubs often have memberships that are very active online. These consumers trade information, coupons and ideas openly in their online world. Usually a club will host categories for new coupon users, experienced users, and off topic savings like rebates and Catalina deals.

The second function of a coupon club is to provide busy working consumers with quick and easy access to coupons. Coupon clubs provide online printable coupon databases for easy printing of online food coupons. Upgrades in online fraud prevention had allowed many companies to issue coupons online. The databases will direct consumers to the hot spots for savings. A consumer no longer has to search for coupons one at a time, but in groups. For busy consumers this service saves time. Time is the one reason most people avoid coupons in the first place.

Clubs often offer mailing and clipping services to consumers. Working families often are left out of the coupon savings game. With clipping services, the coupons are delivered monthly to through the mail so that the search for coupons is eliminated. Most coupon services provide a 10 to 1 ratio of cost to savings. If you spend $ 5 on coupons, you will save $ 50 at the grocery store. Good coupon clubs provide all food and grocery coupons to members for maximum savings. If you join a club, you can expect around 20 coupons per $ 1 spent for membership. That doesn’t take into account the savings of your time. The average time saved clipping and searching is 5 hours per month. Saving time is as important with todays busy lifestyle as saving money.

Finally, clubs are also working direct with grocery stores to list private or unadvertised sales direct to frugal shoppers. Many online sources of sales and prices are designed to encourage coupon shoppers to visit the store. The club collects and posts this information free of charge to the members. This can compound the savings for the consumer. When in store sale prices are coupled with manufacturer coupons, the percentage of savings often jumps from 50% to 75% off the standard retail price. It is convenient to have a club message board to point out the items with the largest ratio of savings.

If you have been thinking about trying to save money on your family food and grocery bill, you should consider a coupon club. A few minutes to join a club online can save hundreds when you check out at the grocery store.

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