Eerie And Fascinating Ideas For Twilight Shindig Favour And Party Supplies

The fall season is coming up and with Halloween coming in October, and the Second Twilight movie, New Moon coming to theatres, there will definitely be teens, and even older fans throwing themed Twilight parties. It can be for a birthday, Halloween, or just to celebrate the release of the movie. So what can make your party stand out from all the rest? It is unique Twilight themed party favors and supplies. This can be challenging as so many people have become fans and some ideas have already done with the release of the first Twilight Movie and the completion of the series with New Dawn. The trick is to start with favors that are common party staples and put your own unique spin on them.

Think of edible favors. Everyone especially teenagers and tweens, love party food. So why not come up with unique snacks that your guests can not only enjoy at the party, but take home with them to enjoy later? There are several great suggestions I have come across. One is a chocolate monogrammed apple favors. These are great because they are variants of the ever popular candied apple. On top of that, they can be personalized with initials of the birthday girl. Another great suggestion is red devil food cupcakes. Since Twilight is a series about vampires red themed foods is a must and staple. Other suggestions are red Jell-O or gummy snacks. The point is to give delicious treats that help celebrate guests’ love of the series.

The next idea is themed products. The majority of the images would be actors from the movie version of Twilight. So why not, within reason, use them to decorate common party favors? The internet can be a major help in this regard. You can for example get special tins of lip balm with pictures of the characters. These will be a great hit with young girls who are fans. For the older fan you give out items. Like themed candle holders and wine openers. Use your imagination to come up with favors that not only are related to Twilight but that guest can enjoy and keep as souvenirs

Another great idea is to give themed games and puzzles as favors. They can be either homemade or be found online. These can also be tied to general party activities like trivia games about the movie and book.

Party supplies are great in that you can put your own stamp with homemade concoction or buy ready made store ones. For an even more unique and startling effect try combining your personal creations with what you can find online or at a local party store. For homemade decorations, it is quite simple. Try to use cut-outs of the actors from promotional movie gear, or popular celebrity magazines. Try to get them from magazines like People or Us Weekly. Anything else you find will most likely be Tabloid trash. You don’t want to remind teenage girls that the actor is not the same as the character from the book. Also use Twilight posters that you can get from any grocery store or Wal-Mart to decorate the room or venue that you are holding the party at. You can also find interesting and one of a kind party favors online. The choice is yours.

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