Grocery Store Distributors

Grocery Store Distributors

Grocery distributors often own their own distribution center and distribute products to grocery stores that need them or other wholesalers who buy from them. Some of these distributors not only distributes products of other manufacturers, but also manufacture their own products for sale to grocers and other retail stores.

Some of the grocery distributors we have are:

Harold Levinson Associates Incorporated: this grocery distributor company started growing from having a trunk car to occupying a 22-acre site which is about 600,000-sq. ft. It is one of the largest full-line grocery distributors. They have over 18,000 products that are gotten from several manufacturers to sell to grocers and other convenience stores. If you are in the Northeast and in need of a distributor, you could check out this company. They have the capacity to make over 3,000 deliveries in a day. This invariably means that if you order from them and you’re promised a date, you could be rest assured that they’ll keep to their promise of delivering to you that day! Not to worry, their distribution facility is located all over the Northeast market from NY, Albany, Auburn, MA and Waterbury, Farmingdale, Ewing, NJ.

The company also provides value-added services to us as their customers such as: in-store food tastings, the basics of health regulation compliance and more.

You don’t have to worry about their prices being on the high side because their core philosophy is to create an avenue for profit opportunities for their customers.

Amcon Distribution Company: Primarily, a wholesale distributor of consumer products like tobacco products, candy, beverages, paper products, automotive, health and beauty care products. The company also operates about fifteen health food stores in Florida and the Midwest.

If you happen to be the type that prefers to transact a ranked company, Amcon is good for you because they were ranked the 9th largest convenience store distributor by the Convenience store news in 2012.

J. Polep distribution services:One nice thing about this distribution company is that they are a one-stop distribution company. This means that as a grocer, you have the ability to purchase all your product categories from them without having to deal with another distributor of some other products. They also help grocers to find means of growing their in-store sales, as well as, improving margin dollars.

Liberty USA Incorporated: you are guaranteed of ultimate satisfaction using this distribution company. Why? You may ask. This is because it is committed to serving you while maintaining their reputation of integrity and good customer service. So, you see, you as a customer are their priority! They deal in all kinds of products needed in a grocery and convenience store.

Barber bros. Incorporated: they have been in existence for about 60 years and here’s one thing they take pride in; providing the highest quality products you know of including programs and services.  They also provide a variety of branded products and services to retailers in the northeast