Grocery Store Software – Employee Scheduling and Attendance Management

Managing a grocery can feel like juggling cats – there is a limited amount of time to perform many necessary tasks, and a seemingly simple task – like getting all of the staff and vendors to cooperate – is tedious at best. Labor management is only one aspect of your long day, but it’s an important and time consuming one. Over-staff your grocery and you could lose a lot of money with more expensive payroll costs. Under-staff and your customers will go to another grocer who can meet their customer service demands.

TimeForge can help with the task of determining staffing levels, and will reduce the time spent doing routine and tedious tasks at your grocery store – like building an employee schedule or monitoring attendance. And TimeForge gives you the tools you need to painlessly do the less frequent, but equally important, tasks like monitoring and forecasting labor costs.

If you spend hours building the staff schedule for the grocery, you’re not alone. Grocery managers commonly spend hours every week – sometimes more than fifteen or twenty hours – building the employee schedule. It’s not an easy task. You have to take a huge number of factors into consideration to keep staff happy and stay under budget while meeting the business requirements. Factors such as staff member availability, employee skill sets, time requested off, shift swap requests, accrued PTO, and the busy (and not so busy) times in your particular store.

Once the employee schedule is complete, you then need to communicate the schedule to all your employees, and will likely need to adjust it throughout the week. Staff members will call in sick, request shift swaps, and turnover will require that the schedule change. All affected staff members need to be notified of the new schedule changes. Small mistakes while making these schedule changes can result in missed shifts, unhappy employees (and increased costly turnover), or even labor fines. The process, using Microsoft Excel, pen-and-paper, or schedule templates is arduous and complex. Not anymore!

With TimeForge, you can:

– Build employee schedules around key metrics (such as labor costs, hours, or percentage of sales) for one or more locations, in just a few minutes for each store.

– Export payroll to many popular payroll providers – such as ADP, SurePayroll, Paychex, Quickbooks, and others – with a single click.

– Record staff member availability, employee time-off requests, and other key employee information.

– Remotely monitor employees that are clocked in – using the web, Facebook, or a cell phone.

– Stop employees from riding the clock by controlling early clock ins and late clock outs, in order to control labor costs immediately.

– Remotely check on employees that are clocked in – using the web, Facebook, or a cell phone.

– Provide remote 24/7 access for employees to view work schedules, review timecards, request time off, change work availability, swap shifts with other staff members, and receive daily schedule alerts via email or text messages.

Your time is valuable. But in both prosperous and difficult economic periods, managers at grocery stores need to do more than manage day-to-day activities quickly and efficiently. In addition to saving time for both staff and managers, TimeForge can help control costs with:

– Scheduling employees with the strongest skills during your busiest times.

– Receive notifications of potential labor shortages automatically. – Monitoring your labor costs – in real time.

– Take advantage of nearly 3 dozen different reports to keep an eye on labor costs and scheduling trends.

– Take advantage of many different reports to keep an eye on labor costs and scheduling trends.

– Trying out various “what-if” scenarios to visualize staffing or schedule changes – without losing your original schedule.

In fact, TimeForge can increase the profits at your grocery business by 3-5%.

TimeForge is a complete labor management solution for grocers, providing one-click seamless access to employee scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll reports. You can use the whole TimeForge product suite, or only the parts that your grocery business requires.

TimeForge is the leading provider of powerful and simple-to-use staff management and online labor management software for the grocery and hospitality industries. TimeForge software is used by owners and operators around the globe to increase profits, reduce turnover, and improve retention. Read more about TimeForge and grocery store software