Grocery Wholesale Distributors

Grocery Wholesale Distributors

Grocery wholesale distributors are used to get products into the grocery store. Often, a grocery wholesale distributor works in partnership with manufacturers who wants to get his products into grocery stores. A manufacturer of a product has to work with a grocery wholesale distributor to sell his products at leading grocery stores.

There are certain steps to get a grocery wholesaler to sell your product to grocery stores some of which are:

Product insurance: Product liability insurance protects you as a manufacturer from any injury that may befall a customer who uses your product and is essential to purchasing one before getting your products into a grocery store as any grocery wholesaler will inquire about the validity of your product before distributing to grocery stores.

Uniform product code procurement: having a unique code for your product is likewise very essential as this would ensure that your products have a bar code on labels which would help to track effectively the sales you make.

USDA certification: to make your product safe to be sold in grocery stores, you may need to have a USDA certification. This is done by having your production facilities inspected by the USDA for hygiene and safety and having your product being tested by their labs.

Advertising your products: Doing this, you could create fliers for your products which may be included in local newspapers around the grocery stores you intend your product to be stocked. Building a website for your product is also an effective way of advertising your product where you can carry out an online campaign using videos, text animations amongst others to describe/ explain product usage, its advantages, and the value of the product to users. You could also use this medium to encourage wholesale buyers to purchase from you by providing contact details on the website so they can easily reach out to you directly for their requirements.  An effective way of advertising your product is by including the details of the ingredients of your product. Including testimonials of people who already used your product is also an effective medium of advertising your product as this would make it easier for people to trust your product and buy it.  


How do you identify a wholesale grocer/grocery wholesaler?

Several grocery wholesalers sell groceries to stores under their chains. When approaching a grocery wholesaler to sell your product to grocery stores, be sure that the wholesaler does not already sell an existing product that’s similar to your product. After getting a grocery wholesaler for your product, make a personal visit to grocery stores where your product is being sold to know feedbacks from customers. To enable grocers to promote your product well to customers, give them a product sample to try out so they are convinced about your product.

Grocery wholesale distributors are essential in the chain of distribution.