How To Effectively Plan Your Grocery Store Shelving To Maximize Profits

In order to effectively combine the two types of grocery store shelving sold by Super Shelves, it is necessary to do a little bit of planning first. A few basic questions should be asked.

What are my competitors selling that deserves extra emphasis in my store? What items need to be moved through the showroom most quickly? Which items represent long-term investment for the customer and hence deserve a special position of prominence either in the front of the grocery store or in the center.

How many different types of retail grocery shelves are there? There are two primary types of retail store shelves: double-sided aisle shelving displays, and single-sided wall shelving displays. Both fixture types feature a standard 48 inches horizontal measurement that makes them easy to move around the store and combine with other fixtures to create amazing and interesting displays.

Should I get grocery store shelves in different heights? We recommend that you do. If all of your shelves measure the same height, then it tends to make the store look cramped and products too much alike.

Using different vertical measurements is a great way to create a sense of separation from one portion of the merchandise from the other, and when done with a flair for interior decorating, also create the impression that the store is actually bigger than it really is.

How tall should retail grocery store shelves be? That depends on the actual surroundings of the fixtures such as proximity to windows, ceiling heights, and distance from the door. The key is choosing fixtures whose dimensions compliment these surroundings and also complement the products themselves.

Even the simplest of products can be made to look like hot sale items when merchandised correctly on a creative display. Many people will stop in their tracks to study something simply because the arrangement caught their eye.

Another factor to consider is the physical size and type of store you own. Smaller stores need to make the most of every square foot. Larger stores need a great deal of space planning to ensure a balance between comfortable shopping space and highlighted showcasing space.

How important is adjustability? The more easily you can adjust the shelves in your store display, the more quickly you can run sale after sale after sale with new layouts.

This constant change can help push a large number of different products out the door more quickly. Also, varying the depth of shelving allows more light to shine on bottom racks, making everything more clear and visible to Christmas and after Christmas shoppers.

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