Job Seekers Wonder What Is A Merchandiser

People may see job listings for merchandisers on career websites or in help wanted ads. This may cause them to ask what is a merchandiser? There are several types of merchandisers, but usually they work in a retail store setting and represent a vendor, manufacturer or company. They make sure there is adequate stock on the shelves, remove old or expired product from shelves, remove damaged or defective product from the shelves or storeroom, and issue the store credit for damaged items.

While the stores themselves are responsible for most of the products on display or on store shelves, there are specialty items serviced by outside vendors and some companies have representative merchandisers go into stores to care for their products, push sales, try to increase space allotted to generate increased sales, and to make sure the product is displayed correctly.

In a grocery store there is usually an aisle for items like children’s toys. These aisles are usually stocked by outside merchandisers. The merchandiser travel from store to store in vans or trucks and deliver the specialty items. They can spend time stocking the shelves neatly and making sure price signage is properly in place.

Another important aspect of a merchandisers job is signage. This is referred to as Point of Purchase or P. O. P. Materials. These may include cardboard stand up signs with tickets attached. Merchandisers must make sure that each piece for sale on the furniture pad has current, proper P. O. P. Signage that is not defective in any way.

Attention to detail is important to make sure the desk, chair or other items is not scratched or damaged in any way. If there is a scratch, he can touch it up with paint or a marker. But if the damage is too extensive, he is responsible for removing the damaged piece and destroying it, then building a replacement piece.

Another important function of the merchandiser is training sales people in the stores. The manufacturers or brands might have an item they want to feature on sale. They might have a costly new product roll out and want to ensure that the new item is prominently featured. They might direct the merchandiser to make sure the store personnel is familiar with the items so that they can more effectively sell the items.

If a company comes out with a new model of chair or desk, the merchandiser locates the product in the stores storage area. He then assembles the desk or chair, a task that can from 15 minutes for a simple office chair to several hours for an elaborate or complicated desk or set.

Merchandisers perform an important role in the day-to-day operation of grocery stores. They make sure that the company they represent is happy with the products presentation on the store shelves. They make and or hang signage and create visually appealing displays. They report to the store manager at the beginning and end of their visit, first to let the manager know they are there and what they will be doing that day. Then at the the end of their visit they report on what tasks were completed and inform the manager of any issues or problems they might have. Then it is on to the next store where the merchandiser will repeat the whole process.