Learn How Purchacsing Used Retail Store Shelving Can Save You Money

There are two primary types of retail shelves: double-sided aisle shelving displays, and single-sided wall shelving displays. Both fixture types feature a standard 48 inches horizontal measurement that makes them easy to move around the store and combine with other fixtures to create amazing and interesting displays.

The heights of retail store shelves are normally chosen based on two factors. One is the type of product being displayed. The other is the actual size and layout of the store itself. Smaller retail store shelves are often used as mini aisles to promote books, magazines, and basic electronic items. Larger retail store shelves are used for main aisle displays and large wall racks.

In order to effectively combine the two types of retail store shelves sold by shelving distributors, it is necessary to do a little bit of planning first. A few basic questions should be asked. What are my competitors selling that deserves extra emphasis in my store? What items need to be moved through the showroom most quickly? Which items represent long-term investment for the customer and hence deserve a special position of prominence either in the front of the store or in the center.

The answers to these questions can lead to the creation of an entirely new look for a store. The trick is to use retail store shelving units that are appropriate to the dimensions of their surroundings, appropriate to the products they displays, and visually attractive unto themselves. Many people will stop in their tracks when they pass by a store shelf that is brightly colored and has a nice finish of paint. The same people will unconsciously avoid anything drab or obviously damaged in appearance.

Lighting is also a critical factor in getting the most of store shelving. Many times, overhead lights shine directly down on displays, causing the light to be blocked by products near the top and obscuring labels and prices below. It is necessary to use retail store shelves that will allow the stocking crew to adjust each individual shelf in such a way as to allow an equal amount of light to fall from top to bottom over the entirely of the rack.

It is also best to use variety when developing a new store layout. Retail store shelving that is all the same size tends to make products appear to blend together too much. Displays that vary in height unconsciously differentiate different types of products and work to subdivide floor space into different sections.

This is common in many of the large pharmacy chains and grocery store chains that sell all types of products. Very tall shelves will run through the center of the store, creating main shopping aisles for bulk purchase items. Special items are displayed on store shelves that are smaller, and often perpendicular, to the main retail aisles.

Special care should be paid to the location of the tallest retail store shelves. If cameras are mounted in the ceiling, displays of up to 84 inches are fine. However, when people have to monitor customers for loss prevention, it is seldom advisable to go any higher than 72 inches. Otherwise, it is difficult to see what customers are doing at all times.

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