Make Your Business Stand Out – Find Creative Ways to Use Artificial Foods in Your Marketing

You’ve heard the soft drink slogan – “It’s the real thing.” But sometimes, “real” does not equate to best. For example, when using foods in retail marketing, many businesses find using artificial foods is far more efficient and cost effective. Think dessert trays, home staging and specialty advertising.

Today’s replica foods are so realistic; your customers may be tempted to take a bite out of that oh so scrumptious looking display cake on your counter or dessert tray. Besides looking so good, that model for the real thing does it one better because it won’t spoil after one day or evening’s work. It can make just about unlimited return engagements as your lovely looking sales assistant.

Here’s another way artificial food can help make the sale: home staging. Right now it is a buyer’s market, so any advantage a seller can get is valuable. That old realtor’s trick of baking cookies to draw in potential buyers has been joined by dining rooms set for dinner, complete with a mouth watering display fake food. Kitchens are being spiced up with baskets of “fruit” and bundles of stand-in sweet breads.

If your product is perishable, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to conduct a direct mail campaign with it anyway? You can – with plastic food. Now you can reach out to your customer base with your advertising message imprinted right on your hot dog or cupcake. This tactic is of particular benefit to caterers. And once the deal is sealed, your bountiful buffet can include beauty spots of display fake foods, such as a towering Mexican wedding cake or always fresh produce.

Another creative way to use fake foods is in employee training for food service staff. Just think – No real food will be harmed in any way during those hours of instruction in proper sandwich assembly, or how to serve your menu items in profitable portions. Some items are even “foldable,” so your employees can practice their technique until they get it right.

Classes in good nutrition are another stage for these delectible divas of food fakery. Students can not only see healthy fruits and vegetables – they can get hands on practice in assembling their plates with just the right selection of healthy foods.

It used to be that commercials featuring ice cream had to use mashed potatoes in their shoots; as this was the only way to avoid melting mounds of formerly frozen cream after several takes. Now, a fabulous fake bowl or cone of ice cream can withstand hours of getting it just right – make up in place, all parts firmly facing the camera.

So, whether your marketing need is decorative or instructive, faux foods are fantastic!

If you are interested in purchasing FDA-approved artificial food for your marketing efforts, author Stephen Daniels highly recommends Fancy Foods and Things. Their high-quality products are safe for use around real food, and will last for years because they are made of the best materials available.