Retail Store Display Gondola Shelving Buying Tips and Information

Retail store fixtures are an excellent and most affordable way to create store layouts that can help you face and possibly overcome the many challenges of any economy.

There are no guarantees in any economy. However, making a reasonable investment in quality, painted, retail store fixtures certainly won’t hurt. Store owners who do this will immediately see the difference it makes in their showrooms. Products will stand out better when merchandised on superior retail store fixtures, and shoppers will be more drawn to displays that are attractive in and of themselves. This can make the difference between a person staying in a store for only a short period of time or staying just long enough to buy some expensive items. retail store fixtures help place the most valuable items in positions of prominence so this is more likely to happen.

When holiday sales are at full speed ahead now, there are all sorts of special displays that managers are creating to generate this impulse buy response. The dilemma many have, however, is that the retail display fixtures currently in place are hard to move around and lack adjustability. The prospect of buying more fixtures in an economy like this appears daunting, to say the least.

The solution is to invest in retail store fixtures that are highly versatile and that will adapt to a number of uses.

This involves a little strategic planning when it comes to space management. Store owners best serve themselves when they study (or have an analyst study) their floor plan to see what areas are currently being wasted on empty space. Then, fitting adjustable, compact, and highly adaptable retail store fixtures into these areas allows retailers to transform empty space into displays in virtually no time at all–giving themselves the best possible chance at high dollar success.

This can all be done with only two basic retail store fixture designs.

These designs are double-sided and single-sided display racks. Double-sided racks are most commonly used for making aisles up and down the floor, while single-sided racks are used to create displays along walls and at the end of aisles. Because every single fixture we sell, regardless of double or single-sided build, is only 48″ across, these display fixtures are remarkably easy to move around. They can be used as standalone fixtures, or they can be combined together to create custom displays. This allows the storeowner to let the interior of the store define the layout, rather than trying to force a layout onto the interior. retail store fixtures range in vertical size from 48″ to 84″, allowing the retailer further merchandising power in the form of varying heights and multiple dimensions to differentiate distinctive product groupings. Taller double-sided units, for example, make better aisle fixtures down the middle of the store than do smaller store fixtures. However, many larger grocery stores and pharmacies will have several sections of aisles, some shorter than the others for special products like magazines and books.

Being able to adjust the individual shelves within store fixtures makes it possible to get more cubic space out of fewer physical display units.\
This saves on procurement costs and offers two additional advantages. Shelves that can be moved can allow for larger items to be placed near the top of the fixture where they can be more easily seen by shoppers. Also, changing the depth of the shelf makes it possible to ensure that light falls evenly throughout the display and not just the top portions.