Reusable Poly Bags: Bag It Again, Sam

Plastic bags are regarded as useful, popular, multifaceted…and a burden to the environment. They are regarded as difficult to dispose of and recycle in today’s eco-conscious world.

Because of this, bag companies have come up with an eco-friendly alternative to the original single-use poly bag.

Re-usable plastic bags are a handy, wise way to store almost anything. And they’re increasingly a popular storage device across the globe.

The grocery store is the original home of the reusable plastic bag. Major grocery chains sell these bags in a variety of beautiful colors and sizes. They’re designed to resemble a purse or satchel, and carry a large amount of groceries. They’re more attractive than paper bags and are more convenient and environmentally friendly than any other category of bag.

Beyond the grocery store, people frequently like to take reusable plastic bags to bookstores and libraries (where they can carry numerous paperback and hardcover books, regardless of their size and weight), music and film stores (where you can deposit the CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes you purchased into these convenient bags), as well as department and retail stores; these soft, pliable bags seem custom made for various varieties of fabrics and fashions.

When you’re out of the house, you can use your reusable plastic bag as a picnic basket (it’s softer and easier to transport than the wicker variety), a laundry bag, or as a sort of purse or book bag that can carry wallets, makeup, daily planners and address books, combs and brushes, loose change, and other items. These bags are easy to carry and often very attractive.

Back home, you can store various odds and ends in your reusable plastic bag; anything from magazines and old scrapbooks to books and tapes, old hats and socks to newly bought cosmetics. Instead of stuffing these things into an ungainly cardboard box that takes up an abundance of space, you can store them in a lovely, compact bag.

Regardless of your uses for reusable plastic bags, they provide an eco-friendly alternative to single-use bags. This is recycling in its purest, nicest form.

Convenience is another selling point of the reusable plastic bag. You have less trash to take out to the curb, and another ready-made and portable storage space in your house.

And economically, the versatility of the reusable plastic bag makes it a smart buy; instead of making separate purchases of a purse, a picnic basket, and a shopping bag, you can buy a single reusable plastic bag to serve a multitude of purposes.

Manufacturers also have come up with various variations on the recyclable bag theme. Restaurants and coffee houses sell reusable cups, in a variety of styles, sizes and designs.

More and more people are separating their recyclables into handy plastic containers, which they place next to their trash cans for refuse pickup. And on a daily basis, more and more people are opting to use cloth handkerchiefs over paper tissues, cloth towels over paper towels, etc.

All in all, reusable plastic bags are an efficient, economical and attractive alternative to conventional bagging methods. Should someone ask, “Paper or plastic?” say, “Reusable plastic please!

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