Say buy to digital counter and welcome to RF Tag

What if you no longer have to wait in long queues to get the billing of your stuff done? Life would be so easy if you don’t have to stand in long lines to reach up to the tally counter and then get your billing done. Tally count is soon going to be replaced by RF tag that is going to straighten and ease the process of billing after you have collected everything in your cart. So say a goodbye to digital counter and welcome RF tag that is going to make grocery shopping simple and quick for you.

Long checkout queues at the grocery stores have been one of the biggest complaints of consumers and this is a real disappointment especially if you are buying less stuff and people ahead of you have more than a cart to be billed. The entire shopping experience becomes tiring, weary and annoying. Very soon, these long queues are going to disappear when the omnipresent UPC or the Universal Product Code barcode is going to get replaced by smart labels which are also called RFIDs or Radio Frequency Identification tags. These RF tags are smart bar codes which can communicate with a networked system that tracks each and every product you actually put into your shopping cart. Thus, it makes your digital counter disappear.

Imagine that you simply walk-in to a grocery store, fill up your shopping cart with your household tuff and straightaway walk right through the exit door and out you go. The wait is over and you no longer will have to stand as someone at the tally counter rings up each and every item in your cart lazily and that too one at a time.

Instead, this system of RF tag will detect every item that you place in your shopping cart and will communicate the knowledge gained with an electronic reader placed in the cart almost instantly. This reader which is fixed in your cart will be linked to a huge network which will send info on the products that you have bought to the retailer and also the product manufacturers. Your bank will be sent information that you have purchased certain things and then be notified about the amount of the bill which eventually will be deducted from the account that you are holding. No queues, no waiting and life become easy.

RFID tags are a technological advancement which was once limited only to the tracking of cattle, but now it is being used in tracking the consumer products in grocery stores worldwide. Various manufacturers use these RF tags to track the actual location of each and every product they manufacture from the time it has been made until it has been pulled off the shelf from the store and tossed into a shopping cart.

As the technology is growing, so is our life becoming easy and fast with a pace that is difficult to catch up with. But such advancements are real innovation because these are carried off considering the consumer point of view in mind.

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