Sources for Free Grocery Coupons

Using grocery coupons is a growing trend with American consumers. New television shows feature shoppers that use coupons to extremes and new websites and blogs pop up all the time sharing couponing techniques with consumers looking save where they can. A recent survey said that more than three out of four shoppers regularly used coupons in 2010. That indicates that the majority of shoppers are integrating coupons into their savings strategy.

It is worth their time, too. One study found that a family spending only 20 minutes a week collecting and redeeming grocery coupons could easily save 20 percent on their grocery bill. That can equate to annual savings of $ 1,000 with the average American family spending approximately $ 5,000 each year on groceries. So, where are all of these free grocery coupons? Shoppers can find coupons in their mailbox, online, on their mobile phones, and in the grocery stores – just to name a few spots.

The Sunday paper is probably the most widely-known place to find grocery coupons. Many Americans subscribe only the Sunday paper instead of receiving the paper each day of the week. This is because they are interested primarily in the coupons that come on Sundays – or they like funnies. In the Sunday paper, consumers can find free coupons from major manufacturers that develop and distribute numerous products found in grocery stores. Also, most major grocery retail chains offer their own free grocery coupons in the Sunday newspaper.

Many free coupons simply arrive in consumers’ mailboxes each week in coupon mailers and weekly shopper newspapers and magazines. Sometimes referred to as circulars, these papers featuring offers typically are delivered without the consumers ever signing up for them. Free coupons just show up without any necessary action from shoppers looking to save.

Manufacturers of many products found at grocery stores offer free grocery coupons on their own websites. Some manufacturers even created dedicated websites just for their free grocery coupons offers. On these sites, shoppers can search for a specific product or by categories. Then they select the grocery coupons that interest them and print them out to redeem in store. Shoppers can subscribe to the site’s coupons newsletters and receive more offers by email.

One of the newest and fastest growing free grocery coupon trends is mobile grocery coupon apps. Consumers with a smartphone can download these mobile apps right to their cell phone. With the smartphone’s camera, shopper can scan the barcode on products. The mobile app will locate any available grocery coupons for that item, either from the manufacturer or from the grocery retailer. Downloading the mobile coupons is extremely easy and convenient.

A few mobile grocery coupon apps load the coupons right to the shopper’s loyalty card for that store. To redeem the coupons, shoppers simply hand the loyalty card to the cashier. Even these mobile coupon apps have their own websites where they offer savings to shoppers that do not carry a smartphone. Users simply register on the website based on their geographic location and the website provides grocery coupons in the shopper’s area that can be printed straight from the site.

In these tougher economic times, consumers are looking to save anywhere that they can. Finding free grocery coupons is becoming a crucial part to American families’ savings strategy. With the ability to save hundreds even thousands of dollars each year on groceries by using coupons, it is no wonder that consumers are adopting new technologies and scouring circulars to locate savings on products they regularly purchase in grocery stores. Countless resources are available to shoppers looking for free grocery coupons and they can be found with the convenience of opening the mailbox or turning on a cell phone.

Mobile coupons are an efficient way to save a significant amount of money off of your grocery bill. Mobile grocery coupons are easily accessible directly to your phone using mobile apps. Now you can stop clipping coupons, save time and money and still get the benefits of grocery coupons using the wowpon mobile app.