Tasteful And Tasty Ideas For Coffee And Tea Wedding Favors

One of the most popular wedding favors ideas are edible wedding favors. Everyone likes to eat and drink and they can never say no to it when it is offered for free. Also the packaging is now very easy to personalize with special messages, picture, and monograms. However there can be obstacles such as food allergies or individual tastes that can spoil the effect. This can prove a challenge especially if you can’t find these preferences ahead of time. A perfect solution is coffee and tea wedding favors. First off there is the fact that there is something for everyone. For coffee drinker be the male or female they can have their preference in that regard. The same goes for tea drinkers. Another great benefit is the variety of flavors to choose from for both coffee and tea. Here are great ideas to guide your choices when choosing coffee and tea favors.

First off remember to personalize the packets what differentiates your coffee and tea gifts from items at the grocery store are two key things unique flavors and customized packaging to celebrate your nuptials. After all these are gifts are meant to thank your guests for coming. At the same time it shows you put effort and didn’t take short cuts. This will enhance the sense of gratitude your present conveys to your guests. The important thing to remember is to not go too overboard with customization. You have a budget that you need to honor. Something simple and tasteful will do the trick and not look garish.

Another great thing is to have a coffee and tea bar. This will allow your guest to pick and choose the flavors they like and give them a wide selection to try new flavors that they may not have tried before. At the same time it is cost effective as you will not end up wasting as much money trying to guess people’s preferences or serving just a couple of varieties and hoping people don’t throw them away.

Also try offering exotic or unfamiliar flavors as well. Some people may not have tried Java or Sumatran. Others may not have tried herbal or fruit flavored teas. The goal is to get your guests to not only pick familiar favorites but to also have adventurous palates. They will appreciate the effort.

Also try offering the tea and coffee gifts in sets or as parts of gifts bags. As exotic sounding as some of the flavors sound they are most likely just going to be in packets. Combine them with other items that would go with them like special spoons or mugs. This will increase the impact of the gifts and make your guests feel like they got something substantial.

In the end use your imagination and intuition. There is a wide selection for you to choose from and there is a plethora of ways to present them if you put your mind to it. Also keep in mind that expensive does not always mean better. The best ideas are often much cheaper than you think. Look for ideas around you and in history. Both tea and coffee have rich traditions that go back a long way and you can look them for additional inspiration and ideas to guide when choosing your wedding favors.

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