Tasty Treats For Fall Wedding Favors

A great way to say thank you to the guests that come to your wedding is to give them wedding favors. If you are a fall bride you have the best opportunity to find a lot of great edible favors. You can find edible favors at reasonable costs and they are generally very popular when given at weddings. The key is to find foods that are seasonal favorites are closely tied to the fall harvests. Another thing to keep in mind is that it should be small enough to eat right at the wedding and count as guest present not an extra course. It should still be big enough that even if your guests snack while at the reception there will still be enough left for them to take home. Recently a new trend has been for brides to promote causes with their favors. How about also using local foods to promote green shopping? Now that we have covered some edible guest gift basics here are some of the hot options for this fall season.

One interesting option is popcorn. This is an old favorite since the corn harvest is just coming in at this time of year. However this season other than traditional flavors like kettle corn, caramel, and cheddar popcorn, there are new more healthy options being offered. For example a new twist on popcorn is cherry-pecan. This is plain popcorn mixed with pecans and dried cherries. These are not only delicious they are also very healthy.

Another great treat to give your guest in autumn shaped chocolate. This is great because it can be shaped in different fall shapes such as pumpkins, apples, squash, and even scarecrows. These are also great if you can have them flavored with the respective flavors, excluding the squash of course for a more festive and theme appropriate type of chocolate. You can serve them singly or package them as part of gift bags. The result is quite spectacular and will certainly impress your guests.

Another unique favor I’ve found is apple butter this is an old favorite passed down to the generations. In the old days it would take an entire family all day to make this fruit spread, but now you can easily order it for all of your guests. It can be used as a spread for sandwich and an ingredient in cooking. Its many uses will make it a gift that everyone will surely love.

Another gift idea is country sausage and cheese trays. These have been very popular as gifts for many occasions and will give your guest a taste of the country in the fall. The trays can be purchased in individual sizes and have a variety of different hams, cheeses, and sausages that will be relished by their recipients.

One last favor option is honey. Like apple butter it is a traditional favorite and packaged in Mason jars will really fit the fall country theme. Honey is a natural sweetener that can also be used as a spread or a cooking ingredient in sweets and pastries. It is also cost effective as you can find it easily at reasonable prices. A great idea is to find unique kinds of honey that may not be easy to find at the average grocery store. All the same, make sure that it is within your budget.

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