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The growing and dynamic food distributor to the retail market in Singapore has been appointed by Gusttimo World as the distributor of its I’m Bulgogi range of marinated meats, which comprise beef, chicken, spicy chicken, and pork. These meats are marinated with authentic Korean recipes which can be cooked by barbequing or pan-frying.

The recipes come from a Korean chef so home consumers can be sure that the taste is as authentic as those found in Korean restaurants. What’s best is that they are easy to cook, making it convenient for those who want to make a quick and nutritious meal at home.

These are the first frozen Korean BBQ meat products to be available in Singapore. In October, GroXers Inc made its foray into the gourmet meat market with the introduction of Joshu Beef.

“Our goal is to be able to meet home consumers’ basic needs and bring the joy back to home cooking. The I’m Bulgogi range and Joshu Beef are the first of our products in the meats market. We are also on the lookout for products that are unique and will set us apart from other online grocery stores,” said Nichol Ng,

“All our hard work is starting to pay off and more principals are coming to us because they feel confident that we can represent their brand in the market,” she added. The I’m Bulgogi range of frozen marinated meats will be available at and more than 90 FairPrice, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra.

At, we believe that service is more important than the products that we carry. Everyone can sell you black olives, but not many online stores will be able to share what else you can do with black olives! Therein lays the GroXers difference.

And unlike conventional online stores, we have someone you can talk and write to, and even somewhere you can walk to to see what we have. If you have a kitchen or food related question, write to our ConXierge and we will try to our best to answer it – even if it’s not directly related to our products.

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Groxers’s ambition is to become the provider of good brand names and food products in the retail sector. Its provide the best service of online grocery store and grocery shopping in Singapore.