The unusual world of counters

Imagine when you entered a grocery store, retail or electronic store and found all the things kept in a disorganized manner where you have to hunt and search frantically for each and every item. The thought is indeed scary. But display counters have made our lives simpler and hassle free. Thanks to these counters various items are arranged in an orderly manner thereby making the search simpler for us. Moreover, there are different counters used for stacking similar types of items which makes our search all the simpler. For example, in an electronics shop, different mobile phones from different brands are available in one counter whereas other heavy items such as music systems, televisions and kitchen appliances are available in different retail counters. When we go to malls for shopping, the clothes are segregated in an orderly manner in different counters thereby saving a lot of time and energy.

Counters come in different sizes and are used for different purposes. They are not only used in retail stores but also in commercial set ups they are used for separating or rather creating a point of contact between employees and clients. In domestic households counters are used for stacking clothes, books, stationary and other important merchandise. One of the earliest types of counter that is widely used even today is the tally hand counter which consists of four or more rings and is circular in shape. The counter can be activated by pressing the start button which will cause successive rings to advance in decreasing order counting up to 9999 in most of the cases. Since the counter is very compact in size metal rings are attached to its side to aid in holding the counter. Such counters are used during concerts or events where the total numbers of people attending the event are counted using this counter.

Electronic counters are used for a variety of purposes. They can either function independently or as multi- function units indicating both time or rate of the activity. Some of their important characteristics are ruggedness, durability, easy to use and compact design. Usually electronic counters are expensive than mechanical counters and can be difficult to install as well. They are mostly used in retail shops for billing purposes, at checkpoints in airports, malls and other high security places. It has a LED screen connected to its circuit which displays the reading. It switches to an external circuit when a preset value is reached. Multipurpose electronic counters are used in manufacturing, cutting materials in different lengths or punching/ drilling products. Many vendors offer advanced feature rich counters that are capable of automation and digital readouts.

There are many reputed vendors who offer retail counter displays for every size of retail environment. Every retail counter is designed keeping in mind the size of the place and the total budget of the customer. There are many existing designs to choose from or else the vendor can also customize the counter for you depending on your needs.

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