The Worlds Most Expensive Wedding

Most of us have to budget just about everything in life. We keep track of how much is in our shopping carts as we walk through the grocery store, we turn off lights when we leave a room, and chastise our children when they do not. Many of us even budget ourselves by watching the calories or carbs that we eat during the battle of the bulge. We are very economically alert and savings minded since, in this day and age, every penny counts. There is one budget however, that we do not watch as closely, nor should we.

Our wedding budget is usually more of a guideline than anything else because we want to have the best wedding that we can possibly afford so we barter, haggle, and compromise our way though, trying to make sure we get the value for our big day. That is what makes these wedding items so amazing to see. It must be nice to afford things like this, especially when we struggle just to afford personalized wedding favors and personalized favor boxes to put them in so they are presented in a unique and caring way.

The wedding bouquet is not something that makes dollar sign warnings go off in your head when you hear the words. When I think of a wedding bouquet, all I think about is a bunch of flowers. There is a bouquet however, that costs an astonishing $ 125,000.00. This amazing bouquet is made from white and red gemstone flowers that absolutely sparkle with brilliance and when you first see it, it nearly takes your breath away. This bouquet has earned a top spot in the Vietnamese Guinness book of Records and sits behind a glass case in Hanoi at the Ruby Plaza. Everyone who stays at the Ruby Plaza insists on visiting the sixth floor so that they can take in this bouquet’s magnificent beauty.

Not to be outdone by a mere bouquet, this next budget buster will blow your mind. It is a wedding cake that could have fallen from heaven itself. If the good Lord above enjoys a good piece of cake every now and then, this is probably the one He would choose. Of course, no one but Him would know what it tastes like because no one ever ate this magnificent cake. With a price tag of 20 million dollars, it was on display only and even then, it had to be the only wedding cake in the world that was surrounded by armed guards. It is decorated with priceless gemstones and, of course, diamonds that make it look more than mouth watering. This wonderful wedding cake was created by Nahid La Patisserie and Jewelers Mimi and premiered at the Luxury Bridal Show on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills Ca.

Every woman would love to get married in a pair of these stunning shoes. Stuart Weitzman and The La Vian name, which carries over five hundred years of shoe making tradition behind it, joined forces to create the most stunning pair of sliver evening shoes that just beg for the foot of a lovely bride. The front strap alone has diamonds to the tune of 28 carats. It is also adorned with a pair of 16-carat gemstones surrounded by 185 carats of tanzanite, all museum quality. Who would have thought that a pair of silver leather shoes would have over 200 carats of priceless stones on them… only every bride who has ever daydreamed about the perfect wedding? Now if we can just squeeze 2 million dollars out of that wedding budget, we will have it made in the shade.

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