Too spent money on gluten free food a wastage

Though gluten free products are commonly found everywhere, they are just a waste of money. You should know that gluten free products have a worldwide market of $ 2.5 billion. Gluten is nothing but one of those components in the protein mixture in rye, barley flour and wheat. It is harmful only for those people with celiac disease. So, those people should consume only gluten free food throughout their life. And, not many people have this disease. Dr. Alessio Fasano says that all gluten free diets have become trendy and fashionable. And, all those diets are too expensive when compared with gluten-containing diets. And, there is a misconception that all gluten-free foods are diet-friendly and healthier. Many people take in gluten free foods thinking that they could diagnose themselves with celiac disease. But the truth is that, celiac disease cannot be diagnosed is a person who has gone gluten free.

Why are people eating gluten-free?
Nowadays, many popular diets have supported dropping grains like wheat. Some people argue that grains do go well with human digestive system like vegetables and fruits and also animal meat. Hence, if you are planning to have a weight loss, then you better reduce grains in your diet.
But is this smart?

Some people avoid gluten for health reasons. But there are very few people out there in America who are doing that. Though one percent of the people in America suffer from celiac disease, only 1/2 % more experience wheat allergy. Many people who have celiac disease are known to lack Vitamin B. And, it has been difficult to diagnose it. According to a report, more 50% of people (including kids) did not show a single symptom of the disease.

Well, below I have listed some of the gluten free foods that you should never buy:
Gluten-free bagel-shaped bread – This is definitely a waste of money. All it is a just a powdery and dry mess.

Tortillas – Even as you take them out of the package, they just peel out and crumble.
Gluten free hot dog buns – Well, one can hardly get more than fifty percent of one of these buns into their mouth.

Gluten free bread crumbs – Don’t ever buy one of these until you find it really worth the money. Because, most of them are really expensive and might even cost you about five dollars for twelve ounces.

Gluten free readymade pizza crusts – These are really expensive crackers and I do feel sad for people who spend all their hard earned money on them.

Gluten free pie crust mix – Whatever, you will have to add fat and also liquid.

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