Top 5 Grocery Distributors in the United States

Top 5 Grocery Distributors in the United States

Wholesale grocery distributorship is one of the most profitable businesses out there that has helped and is still helping many entrepreneurs to make a living. It is a serious business with huge potentials and a big market that is growing bigger and bigger every day.

Let me ask you, what do you think would happen to the pantry in your house if there is no network of grocery distributors running across the entire nation? Your answer is as good as mine! The pantry will be completely empty, right? But, thanks to the untiring effort of food distributors who ensure that grocery products arrive in stores within and outside the country.

Presented here are the top-performing food distributors who put in their best to add value to the consumer as well as the economy of the nation. Taking a critical look at the grocery distributors list will actually impact the way you view them.

1. Sysco

Sysco is a company that leads in food marketing and distribution. It equally deals in selling food products to many corporate organizations and other customers who prepare meals away from their homes. Its range of products also includes equipment and supplies for the foodservice and hospitality industries.  

With more than 69,000 associates, the company operates more than 320 distribution facilities globally and serves more than 650,000 customer locations. For the fiscal year of 2019 that ended in June 2019, the company generated sales to the tune of more than $60 billion.

2. U.S. Foodservice

U.S. Foodservice is another top-performing distributor of food products and related items in the United States, serving an area containing 85 percent of the country’s population. The company sells over 40,000 items to more than 130,000 restaurants, hotels, hospitals, school cafeterias, and other facilities. It was formerly called JP Foodservice, Inc., but later changed its name in 1998 following its acquisition of Rykoff-Sexton, Inc.

The history of U.S. Foodservice includes the story of how Americans buy the food they eat. It reflects the growth of a complete industry, taking a quantum leap from small wholesalers supplying retail grocery stores to large regional and national grocery distributors providing a broad line of products to institutional clients and organizations.

3. Performance Food Group

Performance Food Group started back in 1885 when James Capers started selling groceries for a wholesaler in Richmond. His business grew into Pocahontas Foods, which distributed branded products to restaurants and foodservice outlets across the United States.

The company continued to grow and evolve through the middle of 1980 when its leaders had a vision for a new company that would bring together a network of grocery distributors with corporate support to become an industry leader. Performance Food Group started in 1987 and since then, it has been living up to its responsibility.

Today, the company has three divisions, namely Performance Foodservice, Vistar, and PFG Customized. Each of these divisions focuses on providing delicious food and excelling at customer service.

PFG has over 15,000 associates working in 73 locations across the U.S. They offer more than 150,000 national and branded food products to over 150,000 customer locations. With one of the nation’s largest truck fleets, they have covered more than 156,000,000 miles.

4. Gordon Food Service

Gordon food service has for over 120 years of existence, worked with restaurants, big and small, as well as corporate organizations such as universities, healthcare facilities, hotels, stadiums and anywhere else that serves food!  Every product, delivery, and the decision taken by this company is inspired by helping businesses to thrive. Gordon Food Service believes so much in the power of good food, which is to bring people together and present them with special moments.

For more than 115 years, GFS has delivered excellent and quality products that customers need to implement successful food operations and experiences. Also, the company has grown to become the largest family operated distributor in North America by upholding the same business style since 1897. Their motto has to be passionately committed to the people they serve.

5. Food Services of America

Food Services of America (FSA) is another grocery distributor that has grown so large to become one of the country’s largest grocery foodservice distributors serving many customers throughout the mid-west, west, and Alaska from their regional distribution centers.

FSA works constantly to provide the highest level of service in the industry. They see themselves as a partner in your success which is why they have invested millions of dollars in technology that can help to grow your business and help you profitably manage your day-to-day operations.

Final Thought

These wholesale grocery distributors each offer various opportunities that add value to the customer. For investors interested in e-commerce in the food and beverage industry, these grocery stores provide a great start. There is no limit to what the mind can imagine and achieve at the same time.