Wholesale Distributors for Grocery Stores

Wholesale Distributors for Grocery Stores

A real wholesale distributor is usually certified. A wholesale distributor is a company that deals with the wholesale shipments for the product(s) of a manufacturer. A wholesale distributor has a storage house distribution center, and normally ships products directly to the retailer (grocery store). Wholesale distributors are directly affiliated with the manufacturers of products they store and distribute. A manufacturer ships his product(s) in bulk to a wholesale distributor at a cheaper rate. Certified wholesale distributors give products to you at their original wholesale price and are the best to use because they can be trusted since they have a direct link with the manufacturer of the product(s) you buy.


When in search for a wholesale distributor;

Endeavour to buy from the manufacturer directly first, as this may even save you some money especially if the manufacturer’s minimum quantity is reasonable for your budget. If you aren’t lucky with buying directly from the manufacturer, you may ask for the manufacturer’s preferred list of distributors you may contact. You know, asking them would even be better, as they may provide you with a list of all their distributors that you may pick from.

After getting the list of wholesale distributors from the manufacturer, try to inquire about each of their minimum quantity order. Also, find out which of them is in line with your budget. After all, you’re in the business to make profits, so buying at a high price may reduce your profit margin.

Let’s look at a wholesaler distributor and what he needs to succeed in his business. A wholesaler distributor needs to:

Know his customers: this is an obvious truth, which is many times ignored by wholesale distributors. Knowing your customer as a wholesale distributor is key in sustaining your business, as knowing each customer gives knowledge about what their business stands for, their needs, and how to serve them satisfactorily.

Another key factor in succeeding in this business line is to avoid competing on price but rather, compete on customer service. Keeping customers should be of a priority to you, as a wholesale distributor because nowadays, it is more difficult to get new customers. Avoid losing customers due to inadequacy of efforts or lack of adequate communication after they purchase products from you. Endeavour to contact your customers from time to time. Everyone likes to feel that they are being thought of and would definitely stick with one who does check upon them.

Also, as a wholesale distributor, you need to fulfil your promises to an intending customer. If you inform your customer that you’d be delivering her products on a certain at a particular hour, see to it that you don’t fail to deliver on the said date. This act of doing otherwise often discourages customers for a next try from you.

Getting the perfect wholesale distributor for your grocery store would assist your business in a great way by aiding you to get the products that are most wanted by your customers.